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    The third lesson of an interdisciplinary integrated unit on DNA and genetics, focusing on language arts. Related pages The teacher will take minutes to discuss human cloning and some of the controversial issues . tables, using multiple files and/or applications) to create and publish assignments/ projects. Strand.
    Why Genetics Are Key to Understanding New Ways of Teaching and Learning Error loading playlist: Playlist load error: Error loading file.
    Information, videos, and activities about genetic related teacher resources. Description: The Scitable faculty resource pages include a tool for creating virtual .. Day, looking for a little spice in your genetics unit, or offering resources to parents, .. URL: http://teach. genetics files /Traits-

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    Description: This lesson uses the example of cell differentiation to introduce the concept of differential gene expression. DNA - A Molecular Identity. Description: In this lesson, students explore how the intensity of the sun at different latitudes has contributed to variations in human skin color. They explore the pros and cons of asexual and sexual reproduction and the reasons both strategies persist. Description: In this lesson, students begin to understand how physical features noted in the fossil record provide clues about the evolution of species. Description: An expert authored advanced in-class exercise involving literature assessment and detailed exploration of DNA replication Description: Students explore their sense of taste by recording the taste sensations detected when standardized solutions are applied to different areas of their tongue.

    Description: A classroom activity on the DNA double helix Description: Personalized medicine, also referred to as precision medicine, holds great promise to improve healthcare. Description: This lesson examines patterns of change in nature, mechanisms of evolution, and factual evidence for evolution. Explore concepts of gene mutation, genetic drift, gene flow and more through this series. Description: A Web tool for building classroom presentations, finding lesson plans, and aligning content with national and local education standards Description: Five easy-to-implement clasroom news stocks press digest wall street journal march teach the basics of heritable traits. Description: This lesson introduces students to scientific concepts in genetics that have broad implications for individuals and for society. Description: This lesson provides students with a historical overview of the American eugenics movement and highlights some of the advances and breakthroughs that have been achieved through genetic and genomic research. Description: This lesson plan involves solving a murder case through analysis of short tandem repeat STR loci of forensic DNA samples. Teachers may want to pair less proficient students to work with other students. Description: This lesson focuses on applying evidence for evolutionary transitions to the general theory of evolution.

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    • Nova - Links to Health and Nature programs and accompanying websites.

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    Smithsonian NHGRI Genome Exhibition. This information could then be used to find out what DNA variants contribute to reading and mathematical ability, or school achievement. Description: This lesson examines the two main models of the origin of modern humans.