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    Hate playdates

    hate playdates

    I know what you're thinking — the title to this post is just wrong. You're probably already judging me and are glad I don't like playdates.
    Tips for hosting successful play dates for people who actually happen to hate play dates.
    There is a lot about parenting that makes me uncomfortable. But this is the number one. The playdate. I hate playdates. I think they need an...

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    Back when my children were small, and I could make them just play with the children of people I was already friends with, things were easy. Why I Hate Playdates. I still have difficulty accepting that kids can no longer be kicked outside to play like normal people. What do you think? Maybe your spouse is wonderfully supportive, or you have other supportive people in your life who are there for you.

    Content provided on this site is for entertainment or informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or health, safety, legal or financial advice. But I almost always hate being around strangers. I might not be Jamie Oliver, but I'm no Bear Grylls, either: everything I put on the table is edible, properly cooked, and relatively appealing. Maybe I can learn. Then, hate playdates, there are the playdates to which I never consented. I suppose it has to be scheduled. There are times when I find it difficult to like my own children, so it's hardly surprising I find it hard to get along with other people's. I wouldn't entertain grown-ups in my house if I didn't like them, so why do have to put up with the pint-sized ones? Pretending to like other people's children. He took YODA, dammit — who steals YODA??? After all, they are going to be interacting with your child and will continue to be a part of your community, so even if your child and their child don't go on to be long-term chums, you'll likely continue to run into them at other events and activities for years to come. Same is true for when he wants to get together with Violet, the totally sweet child of Phyllis-the-passive-aggressive-mom-who-is-also-the-best-parent-ever-and-likes-to-remind-you-of-that-and-all-of-the-things-you-are-doing-wrong-repeatedly. And it's not always because the kids are needy, "hate playdates", picky, mean, or obnoxious. Featured Kids Articles How to Clean Hate playdates and Organize the Kids Toys!

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