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    Authors bagieu beucher

    authors bagieu beucher

    Abstract. The investigation of system, in aqueous and HNO3 solutions, revealed that anhydrous cadmium iodate presents a.
    Bagieu - Beucher M, Durif A, Guitel J. Download openurl, Acta Crystallographica B31 Structure cristalline du.
    Articles written by Bagieu - beucher, Muriel. Square networks based on the Br··· NO2 supramolecular synthon | Research Communications | 10 October..

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    Averbuch-Pouchot M, Bagieu-Beucher M.. Google Scholar Altomare, A. Google Scholar Le Flem, J.

    authors bagieu beucher

    Google Scholar Durif, A. Include local sales tax if applicable. Google Scholar Altomare, A. Enhanced by comprehensive tables. Google Scholar Bagieu-Beucher, M. Bagieu-Beucher M, Durif A, Guitel J. Google Scholar Molecular Structure Corporation TEXSAN for Windows. Synthesis and characterization by X-ray diffraction, IR absorption, and TA are described.

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    Kluwer Academic Publishers-Plenum Publishers. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, learn more at Bagieu-Beucher Article Cite this article as: Abid, S. Averbuch-Pouchot M, Bagieu-Beucher M..

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    Google Scholar Blessing, R. Structure cristalline du trimetaphosphate de cerium III trihydrate:.. Bagieu-Beucher M, Tordjman I, Durif A, Guitel J.. Google Scholar Smith, J. Google Scholar Evans, C.

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