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    About rings white gold platinum wedding

    about rings white gold platinum wedding

    As a California jeweler who specializes in wedding ring design, I've been designing and making white gold and platinum wedding rings for years. Lately, an.
    Whether you should choose a platinum or white gold diamond mean that you will need a platinum wedding band and eternity ring as well.
    A common misconception is that white gold and platinum metals will In fact, platinum prongs are often used in rings made of less durable...

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    White Gold vs Platinum. If you want to buy Jewellery of quality and know that you are getting what your paying for ask to speak to the Jeweller and ask to see their trade papers, any good Jeweller will be happy to oblige. Calla Calla, just wanted to give you kudos on the outstanding service you are doing in educating people about jewelry design and durability.

    about rings white gold platinum wedding

    This mid-weight, high polish, platinum wedding ring has a traditional higher domed exterior profile and a curved inner edge, which makes it extra comfortable for everyday wear. Ensure that your wedding engagement goes smoothly by getting ideas and advice here! I am hopeful that you now love your ring now that the balance of diamond sizes suites you. The natural properties of the two metals also present major differences. Thank you so much for your article, insight and time!

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    • Though both gold and platinum are strong and durable precious metals, platinum is the stronger and more durable of the two.
    • He said platinum easily bend when hit.
    • About rings white gold platinum wedding
    • I wrote a blog on that:.

    Classic Luxury: Men's White Gold Wedding Bands and Rings in 18K

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    But it is quite interesting. I custom make white gold engagement and wedding rings regularly. I personally feel that when the patina of wear from yellow gold and platinum are compared that yellow gold looks significantly nicer. Whether a ring is made of platinum or white gold it will need to be shined up from time to time. So the amount of gold is the same but the alloy is different. Then the band is a tiffany band or a tolkowosky thicker band better.?.

    About rings white gold platinum wedding -- tour

    Many jewelers will insist that platinum is the only choice because of its purity and how it lasts a very long time. Use the search box to find the product you are looking for. All I cared about was making sure my diamond was secure. Gold over time has symbolized wealth and wisdom.